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Effective budgeting and forecasting provides a roadmap to profitability and an understanding of whether you are moving forward or falling behind in meeting financial objectives. A few indicators that your budgeting & forecasting system may not be operating as it should include:

  • budgets/forecasts are always way off compared to expectations;
  • creating or updating budgets/forecasts takes a lot of time;
  • actual expenses do not line up with the budget/forecast; and
  • you are not receiving actionable plans for budget variances.

Contrary to what many believe, budgets and forecasts need to be "living" documents that can be easily changed to reflect market realities and internal business decisions. Moreover, they need to be structured correctly to be imported timely into software systems. AscendCFO™ experts have created budgets and forecasts for a variety of clients and industries and can assist you in developing a high-performance budgeting and forecasting system.

Contact us to learn how we can implement or assist you in enhancing your budgeting or forecasting process so you can create a financial roadmap for success.

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