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In today's competitive and economically challenging times, forward-thinking organizations are revisiting their cost structures. Laden with budgets that include such values as "prior year + 5%", historical values, and industry averages, astute leaders are challenging employees to dig deeper into line item expenses and create alternatives to eliminating or reducing expenses. This directive is not only necessary to improve profitability, earnings performance, and shareholder value, but is critical to remain competitive in a global marketplace where product pricing is a vital component to attracting and retaining customers.

Organizations that do not have an expense management plan typically have:

  • declining profitability;
  • budgets not being met;
  • no incentive plan in place to minimize costs; and
  • employees focused on spending the budget irrespective of need.

Expense management is an ongoing process of control in which employees take an active role in continually managing expenses instead of just reviewing expenses once a year (or periodically) through a budgeting process. AscendCFO™ has developed a unique system to reduce organizational costs and improve profitability. Through this system we are able to quickly identify expenses that have the best opportunity for reduction and create a concrete game plan to deliver cost savings.

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