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Working with External Auditors

Organizations often need to employ external auditors to obtain compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements for acquiring capital, maintaining covenants, or meeting regulatory requirements. The process can be challenging, time consuming, frustrating and expensive. It is also a significant diversion for employees and a lack of knowledge and experience could significantly increase the cost because:

  • employees don't know how to create the numerous schedules;
  • a less costly alternative could be negotiated;
  • key personnel are not able to focus on operations; and
  • employees don't have the accounting expertise to provide the information required.

AscendCFO™ professionals have worked with numerous audit firms on a variety of different audits or engagements and thus have the expertise and knowledge to reduce the cost for your organization.

Contact us to learn how we can work with your external auditors and successfully get your engagement completed without distracting your entire organization.

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