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Timely and Accurate Financial Statements

One of the key issues for organizations is obtaining timely and accurate financial statements. The ramifications of this can be significant as you are unable to understand your revenues, expenses and profits. It is synonymous to driving a car with your eyes blindfolded. Some indications that you may be receiving inaccurate financial statements include:

  • financial statements and key financial reports not prepared in a timely manner;
  • large swings in account values from month-to-month;
  • documentation does not support the values on statements;
  • financial statements are prepared using cash or tax basis; and
  • reconciliations for account balances do not exist.

As equally important, and often overlooked, is whether the financial statements are structured correctly to provide the organization accurate, relevant, insightful and actionable information. AscendCFO™ professionals have extensive experience in structuring, preparing and presenting financial statements in a timely and accurate manner for your industry and guiding you to financial success.

Contact us to learn how we can quickly implement systems or an outsourced accounting solution so you receive timely and accurate financial statements and can succeed.

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