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Accurate and timely financial statements and strategic financial guidance are critical to the success of your organization. Yet, for many organizations accounting continues to be one of the biggest challenges to making sound financial decisions because:

  • the financial statements are presented using cash or tax basis;
  • current provider has no extensive knowledge in GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles);
  • hiring a competent, full-time person is expensive (base salary plus 35% to 50% for overhead);
  • current outsourcing firm can be too costly; or
  • of a lack of personalized, responsive service.

Oftentimes the result is an organization does not understand its true financial picture, is making wrong financial decisions, and may be providing inaccurate financial statements to lenders. For organizations desiring to minimize costs, improve profitability, increase cash flow and obtain financing the ramifications of inaccurate accounting can be devastating.

AscendCFO™ has developed cost-effective, outsourcing options that provide you a long-term accounting partner with the expertise and strategic guidance you need. Each option includes:

  • a highly skilled, degreed accountant or bookkeeper;
  • a Controller/CFO partner with industry expertise;
  • accurate and timely financial statements;
  • a financial analysis to improve financial performance;
  • a monthly meeting to review results and provide strategic guidance; and
  • superior support throughout the month.

It's like having your own internal finance and accounting department for typically 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a full-time employee.

Contact us to learn how we can improve the accuracy of your financial statements and provide you the long-term finance and accounting resources you need to succeed.

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