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Tax Reporting Assistance

Tax reporting can be one of the most burdensome and complex aspects within your organization. Yet this reporting is typically statutory and thus critical to your success. Government authorities are significantly increasing audits of organizations and the taxes, penalties and interest can be large. Some potential issues organizations may have include:

  • unknowledgeable as to what taxes need to be reported and when;
  • pending or threatened tax audit;
  • no systems to accurately track and report taxes; and
  • internal personnel don't have time for tax tracking/reporting.

Whether it is sales or use tax reporting, state income tax, or federal income tax, AscendCFO™ professionals work closely with you to quickly implement a system to assist you in being in full compliance with all applicable tax laws and requirements.

Contact us to learn how our knowledgeable and experienced Controller partners can assist you in your tax reporting needs and enable you to be successful.

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