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Management and Board Reporting

An effective management reporting system is critical because it provides you a gauge of your organizational performance and enhances your ability to make correct strategic decisions. While accurate financial statements are critical, organizations must also implement key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, trend analysis, compliance measures, and analytics to compare against key market or industry data. These tools give you early indications of any potential issues. Signs that an ineffective management reporting system may exist include:

  • lack of key performance indicator tracking;
  • inaccurate or inconsistent data on reports;
  • reporting continually provided late; and
  • have to sift through reams of data to get important values.

Management reporting systems differ from industry to industry and from one organization to another. Thus, it is imperative to develop a system that is right for your organization. AscendCFO™ CFO partners have been in the CFO role and thus have the knowledge and experience to develop the right management reporting system to drive your organization to higher levels of performance.

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