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Business and Strategic Financial Planning

A business and financial strategic plan is critical to the success of an organization. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, one of the top reasons for business failure is a lack of planning. Typical indicators that signify a lack of planning include:

  • uneven or negligible revenue growth;
  • no clear vision and goals for the organization;
  • cash flow shortages; and
  • markets you serve are eroding.

A strategic and financial plan merges all the marketing, financial and operational data into a coherent roadmap to success and is used to identify and resolve any potential roadblocks before they become actuality. It allows you to easily evaluate alternatives in critical areas of the organization including pricing, gross profits, personnel and cash flow.

Each AscendCFO™ partner has significant experience in assisting organizations in developing and implementing an effective business and financial plan.

See our article on developing a strategic financial plan.

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