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Cash-Flow Planning

The old adage of "cash is king" is especially relevant to small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). Yet, cash flow planning can be a challenge because effective cash flow planning touches upon every aspect of the organization—it is much more than just ensuring customers pay in a timely manner. Potential indicators of insufficient cash flow planning includes:

  • continuous cash flow shortages;
  • customers paying later and later;
  • credit facilities not sufficient to operate the organization; and
  • not enough excess cash flow to grow the organization.

Successful cash flow planning entails understanding the timing of your revenue and costs, creating capital and operating budgets, developing financial alternatives to fund your organization and establishing a clear collection strategy, just to name a few.

AscendCFO™ partners have extensive experience in the CFO position and in developing cash flow plans to enable your organization to improve its cash position and grow.

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