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Capital Acquisition and Debt Restructuring

Acquiring capital or restructuring debt is one of the most difficult challenges for organizations. Whether it is working capital, equipment leasing, project financing, or growth capital, organizations often have many financing alternatives but may lack the knowledge and experience to understand all of the options available and how to pursue them. Examples which denote the need to potentially acquire capital or restructure your debt include:

  • lack of sufficient funds to operate and grow your organization;
  • debt payments are getting more and more difficult to pay;
  • lender loan terms are becoming more stringent; and
  • interest rates on existing debt are increasing.

Funding alternatives, however, depend upon your stage of growth, what the funds will be used for, and the timeframe for which the funds are needed. Each alternative will require a specific set of information and that information needs to be presented in an appropriate format. AscendCFO™ CFO partners have actual experience in the CFO position and have the knowledge and experience to obtain or restructure capital for you and we can assist in a number of areas including:

  • financing needs analysis (short and long term);
  • evaluating financing alternatives;
  • preparing appropriate financing materials;
  • providing referrals to suitable financing sources;
  • negotiating financing terms (in concert with legal counsel);
  • being an intermediary between you and the lender; and
  • monitoring compliance with financing terms.

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