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Financial Analysis and Modeling

Financial analysis or modeling makes it easy to evaluate alternatives, understand relationships, and make sound strategic decisions. However, relevant data, proper accounting and financial concepts, and accurate relationships need to be incorporated correctly to ensure that the analysis is complete, reliable and easy to understand. Many financial analyses or models lead to inaccurate decisions and results because:

  • many have numerous formula errors or data relationships;
  • not all the data impacting a decision is considered;
  • the correct accounting or tax treatment is not incorporated; and
  • the model is increasingly difficult to update.

Inaccurate financial analysis can be devastating to an organization because wrong decisions may be made. Whether you need to analyze product pricing, understand customer profitability, verify gross profit on certain product lines, or prepare a 5-year financial forecast, AscendCFO™ partners have "hands on" experience and have created numerous financial models. In fact, we may already have a financial model or software system that fits your particular need, thus saving you time, money and frustration.

Contact us to learn how we can assist you in making the right decisions by providing the financial analysis or model you need to succeed.

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