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A Chief Financial Officer is one of the most important positions for small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) because it is critical for someone to be focused on creating a long- and short-term financial strategy, obtaining financing, improving profitability and ensuring financial information is timely and accurate.

However, many SMEs do not have a CFO because they do not need one full-time or it's too costly to hire one full-time. AscendCFO™ provides long-term, affordable, part-time or outsourced CFOs to improve financial performance, maximize cash flow and build long-term value. Some indicators that you may need a CFO include:

  • working long hours trying to be the CEO, COO, and CFO all at the same time;
  • lack the financial expertise to adequately run the organization;
  • external CPA too costly or does not have extensive CFO experience; and
  • internal accountants do not have strong financial expertise.

Our CFOs average 20+ years of actual experience in the CFO position and have deep industry expertise. With this experience and expertise, as well as the resources and customized tools we employ, we can have an immediate and positive impact at your organization thus saving you time, money, worry and frustration.

Contact us to learn how you can have an affordable CFO on your team who is focused on driving performance and ensuring you succeed.

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