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Profit Improvement

Generating profits is the first and most fundamental objective of any organization. Yet, a concerted and continuous effort to improve profits can be a challenge because you must focus on managing day-to-day operations. Potential examples of the lack of a profit improvement plan include:

  • gross or net margins are getting smaller;
  • profits in your organization are less than the industry;
  • no continual year-over-year improvement in costs; and
  • decline in or inconsistent revenue.

Profit improvement is the result of a rigorous and systematic approach of reviewing revenues, direct costs, and operating costs on an ongoing basis to identify and implement strategies to increase revenues and reduce costs. This includes a thorough analysis of pricing, customer retention, purchasing practices, and business processes. Because AscendCFO™ partners have extensive experience in the CFO position, they have the experience necessary to create and implement a profit improvement plan for your organization.

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