Operations Optimization

Streamlining Business Processes

Business processes are the "roads" within an organization that information, products and services travel on. They define who is driving, what is being driven, where to drive, and when to start and stop. Like any road system, there are many paths that can be taken, regulations defining who can drive and perhaps numerous bottlenecks and traffic jams along the way. Indicators of potential issues include:

  • inability to get accurate documents to customers or sales prospects;
  • specific organizational processes take an inordinate amount of time to accomplish;
  • employee in-boxes are full of documents that are holding up other employees; and
  • decisions are not being made in a timely manner.

In order for an organization to be successful, these "roads" need to be optimized to ensure the most efficient path is taken and that information and products or services move through the organization as expeditiously and accurately as possible.

AscendCFO experts analyze and redefine the "roads" to ensure your organization is operating at maximum efficiency. Using tools, such as value stream mapping and other lean office techniques, we identify the most efficient path and eliminate the roadblocks and traffic jams. Inefficient processes require more people and time, thus reducing your operating and financial performance.

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