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After selecting the right software, successfully implementing the software is critical to maximizing your software investment. Unfortunately, many believe that implementation is primarily related to the technical aspects of getting the software installed and operating. The truth is that implementation is primarily focused on ensuring the software is structured correctly to address the organization's requirements and maximizing its capabilities and return on investment. Oftentimes organizations have challenges implementing software because:

  • IT personnel focus on the technical implementation - not on structuring the software to address organizational requirements;
  • lack of internal expertise in software implementation planning and execution;
  • no in-depth knowledge of the software thus unable to maximize its capabilities; and
  • internal personnel need to be focused on performing their job duties.

These challenges often result in the software not easily providing critical information, or streamlining business processes or improving strategic and operational capabilities. Thus, the organization does not realize the software's potential, additional personnel are required to compensate and the return on investment is never achieved.

AscendCFO professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing select software systems. Moreover, we have a deep understanding of finance, accounting, operations and your industry. Thus, we focus is on maximizing the software's capabilities to solve your needs and building a high-performance organization.

Contact us today to learn how our in-depth knowledge & experience in software implementation, as well as finance, accounting & operations, provides the unique blend of talent necessary to ensure your software implementation is successful.

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