Why AscendCFO

Continuity of Dedicated Employees

In contrast to freelance contractors common to most competitive services, AscendCFO™ employs its personnel, which provides you with many benefits and substantial added value including:

  • continuity of service and long-term familiarity with your organization and its operation;
  • extensive, structured and rigorous training program ensures that our employees have the latest knowledge in industry trends, standards and best practices, thus providing you with the highest quality of service and value;
  • ability to focus 100% of their time on your needs;
  • continual monitoring of client satisfaction and quality of service;
  • significant employee retention programs provide you with long-term continuity and reliability; and
  • high quality and consistent approach to providing superior customer service and delivering results.
  • Call 1-855-ASK-A-CFO for a free,
    15-minute consultation.
  • Contact us for a complementary
    one-on-one meeting.
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